Tra di Noi: A Taste of Italy on the Pacific Coast

Located just off the Pacific Coast Highway, Tra di Noi in Malibu stands as a beacon of authentic Italian cuisine. This hidden gem, cherished by locals, offers a dining experience that transports you straight to Italy with its authentic recipes and ingredients. Within its warmly lit, romantic atmosphere, guests are treated to dishes prepared with meticulous attention to detail, from handcrafted pastas to exquisite risottos. Whether you’re seeking an intimate dinner or a special evening out, Tra di Noi’s blend of comfort, culinary excellence, and a cozy patio setting ensures a memorable experience. Delight in their signature dishes, embodying the true essence of Italian dining, for a night that feels like a getaway to Italy’s countryside.

Be sure to head to Tra di Noi for your next night out to eat. Visit them at 3835 Cross Creek Road #8A, Malibu, CA 90265, or online at,

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