Taverna Tony: Where Greek Cuisine Meets Malibu Chic

Taverna Tony in Malibu offers a slice of Greece with its vibrant and authentic dining experience. It’s the go-to spot for those seeking traditional Greek cuisine in a lively atmosphere, complete with live entertainment. Whether you’re there for the generously portioned dishes, the festive belly dancing, or to relax on the outdoor patio, Taverna Tony promises a memorable experience. Don’t miss their signature dishes, including Fettuccini Salonika and Shrimp Pasta, for a taste of Greece in Malibu.

Taverna Tony’s fresh and authentic food offers all the great Greek staples and the exciting and festive atmosphere. Taverna Tony is the perfect place to go for any special occasion. Next time you find yourself at Taverna Tony, be sure to try some of their famous menu items including; Fettuccini Salonika including Jumbo Shrimp or Chicken, Fresh Cream, assorted Mushrooms and Sun-Dried Tomatoes; the Shrimp Pasta including Jumbo Shrimp, Capellini, Rich Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Spring Onions and Feta; the Dolmathes, including Grape Leaves stuffed with Rice and freshly ground Meat, Greens and Herbs topped with Lemon Sauce.

Taverna Tony

Taverna Tony – MyMalibuBeach.com

Taverna Tony Patio

Taverna Tony Patio – MyMalibuBeach.com

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