Geoffrey’s Malibu: A Culinary Landmark with a Storied Past

Geoffrey's Patio

In the heart of Malibu, where the Pacific Ocean meets the California coast, Geoffrey’s Malibu stands as a testament to exquisite dining and historical charm. Since its inception in 1948, Geoffrey’s has captivated the hearts of diners, including iconic figures like Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, John F. Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe. This distinguished establishment is not just a restaurant; it’s a piece of Malibu’s rich history, offering a window into the glamorous past while serving contemporary culinary delights.

Perched along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Geoffrey’s Malibu is a hidden gem that encapsulates the essence of a Mediterranean retreat blended with the laid-back elegance of Malibu. The restaurant’s ambiance, characterized by cascading waterfalls, lush tropical plants, and an unparalleled view of the Pacific coastline, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether it’s a leisurely lunch, a sumptuous brunch, or a romantic candlelit dinner, Geoffrey’s creates the perfect backdrop with its cozy fire pits and mesmerizing ocean views.

A Malibu Dining Experience Like No Other

At Geoffrey’s, the culinary journey is as spectacular as the oceanic backdrop. The menu, a celebration of international Californian cuisine, features an array of dishes that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing. Begin your meal with the Prawn and Scallop Ceviche, a refreshing blend of fresh prawns, day boat scallops, and mango habanero chili water, setting the tone for the culinary delights to follow.

For the main course, the Geoffrey’s Surf n’ Turf is an embodiment of luxury, featuring a Petite Filet and Potato Risotto in Cabernet Sauce, complemented by a Two Pound Lobster, Vegetable Ribbons, and a divine Vanilla Lobster Sauce. The menu’s versatility extends from the finest seafood selections to locally sourced meats, including Filet Mignon and Slow Braised Kobe Wagyu Beef, ensuring an exquisite experience for every diner.

Geoffrey’s Malibu is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that marries the beauty of Malibu with the splendor of fine dining. As one of Malibu’s most prestigious restaurants, Geoffrey’s continues to enchant visitors with its breathtaking views, exceptional cuisine, and an atmosphere steeped in history and luxury.

Geoffrey's Sign

Geoffrey’s Sign

Geoffrey's Patio @ Night

Geoffrey’s Patio @ Night

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