HOWDY’S: The Fresh-Mex Revolution

Howdy Sylvano Kabrins is not just a restaurateur; he’s a visionary who played a pivotal role in transforming Mexican cuisine in America. His journey into the culinary world began with an immersive experience in Mexico, where he lived with a peasant family during his college years. This profound experience inspired him to open his first Mexican restaurant, La Salsa, in 1979, laying the foundation for the “Fresh-Mex” movement. La Salsa’s evolution into a 28-restaurant franchise highlighted a fresh, lighter approach to Mexican cuisine, moving away from the heavy and greasy perception that prevailed at the time.

In 1995, Howdy’s Cafe was born, marking a new chapter in Howdy’s culinary ventures. His creativity has only flourished over the years, resulting in a menu that emphasizes healthful, flavorful food that nourishes the body and delights the palate. Utilizing vegetables from local organic farms, including Howdy’s own ranch in Ojai, the cafe offers a plethora of dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

A Menu That Marries Nutrition with Flavor

Howdy’s cafe is renowned for its well-balanced offerings, such as the protein-rich Cross Fit bowls and the Rainbow Kale salad—a vibrant mix of kale, quinoa, beets, and sunflower seeds. Seafood lovers are in for a treat with options like lettuce-cup tacos with seared ahi tuna, Scottish salmon with quinoa, and an array of fish tacos and burritos that celebrate the bounty of the sea. The chicken soup, a comforting creation from Howdy’s wife, features organic, free-range chicken in a broth reminiscent of Italian wedding soup. For those seeking a fusion of flavors, the taqueria’s sushi rolls present an innovative twist to traditional sushi.

More Than Just Food: A Wholesome Atmosphere

Howdy’s is more than a place to eat; it’s an experience. The restaurant’s ambiance reflects its commitment to wholesome, inviting dining, with earthenware tiles, sturdy wooden chairs, and playful pillow forts contributing to a casual, friendly environment. This unique setting, combined with the exceptional menu, makes Howdy’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a fresh take on Mexican cuisine in Malibu.

Discover Fresh-Mex in Malibu

Embark on a culinary journey at Howdy’s and savor the innovative flavors that have made Howdy Sylvano Kabrins a legend in the Fresh-Mex movement. Located in the heart of Malibu, Howdy’s cafe welcomes you to experience Mexican cuisine like never before. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for nutrient-packed meals or a seafood aficionado eager to explore new tastes, Howdy’s promises a dining experience that’s both healthful and heartwarming.

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