M. FREDRIC: A Staple of Southern California Chic

M.Fredric isn’t just a boutique; it’s a destination for those who seek to infuse their wardrobe with a blend of contemporary flair and timeless elegance. For over 35 years, M.Fredric has stood at the vanguard of Southern California’s chic boutiques, offering a luxury department store experience within the intimate setting of a boutique.

The M.Fredric Experience

M.Fredric prides itself on providing an ever-evolving shopping experience that caters to a diverse clientele. From the trendy fashionista searching for the latest in women’s apparel to the edgy male looking for unique menswear, and not forgetting the parents desiring standout pieces for their children, M.Fredric offers an unparalleled selection. Our commitment to top-notch service, luxury lines, and a trendsetting buying approach makes us a favorite among both city dwellers and suburban shoppers alike.

More Than Just a Retailer

What sets M.Fredric apart is not just its exceptional range of Better Contemporary Apparel but its dedication to community and heart. Unlike many apparel chains focused solely on profitability, M.Fredric integrates giving back into its daily operations. Proud supporters of the American Cancer Society and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, M.Fredric is known as a “retailer with a heart.”

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