Rip Curl Malibu: The Heartbeat of Surf Culture

Rip Curl, a name synonymous with surf excellence and adventure, stands as a global leader in surf apparel and accessories. Nestled along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu, the Rip Curl retail store is a magnet for enthusiasts eager to embrace the surf lifestyle with the brand’s cutting-edge apparel, wetsuits, and accessories.

A Legacy Born from Passion

In 1969, two visionary soul surfers embarked on a journey that would transform their love for surfing into a global phenomenon. Rip Curl was not just founded; it was ignited by a passion to “Live the Search,” a mantra that has since inspired surfers around the globe. Rip Curl transcends the realm of surfwear, embodying a lifestyle devoted to the thrill of surfing and the spirit of adventure.

The Ultimate Surfing Company

Rip Curl is revered as The Ultimate Surfing Company, offering an expansive selection of outdoor and board sport gear. From top-of-the-line wetsuits and boardshorts to precision watches, stylish footwear, sunglasses, and an array of accessories, Rip Curl outfits surfers and adventure seekers in over 60 countries. The Malibu store, in particular, is a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike!

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