Free People: A Destination for the Fashion-Forward Free Spirit

Free People Malibu

Embraced by the scenic beauty and the spirited lifestyle of Malibu, Free People has opened its doors, marking a significant expansion on the West Coast. This exclusive stand-alone boutique, nestled at 3806 Cross Creek Rd., spans 2,657 square feet of retail space designed to reflect the brand’s core ethos of freedom, adventure, and bohemian elegance.

The boutique presents a meticulously curated collection that includes Free People’s signature denim, knitwear, dresses, and accessories. The selection is tailored to embody the relaxed, adventurous essence of Malibu, offering local fashion enthusiasts and visitors alike an immersive brand experience. Additionally, the store features the FP Movement activewear line, catering to those who embrace an active and wellness-oriented lifestyle, alongside a handpicked assortment of beauty and wellness products.

Adding a unique touch to the shopping experience, the store includes a rear garage door that opens onto a serene courtyard. This outdoor space invites customers to unwind and soak in the Malibu atmosphere, seamlessly blending shopping with relaxation.

As a community-centric brand, Free People is committed to engaging with the local Malibu community not just through its fashion offerings but also by hosting events that celebrate the FP Movement lifestyle, further enriching the cultural tapestry of Malibu.

For those intrigued by the fusion of fashion, wellness, and the laid-back luxury of Malibu, Free People’s new boutique offers a unique destination that promises an array of stylish, high-quality options suited for every facet of the modern woman’s life.

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