Barefoot Dreams: Discover the Flagship Location

Barefoot Dreams Malibu

Barefoot Dreams has evolved into a haven of comfort and style, offering an exclusive range of cozy essentials for over two decades. Known for their exquisite range, Barefoot Dreams offers an unparalleled collection that encompasses the epitome of comfort and luxury. Their carefully curated selection includes ultra-soft blankets, throws, plush pillows, luxurious robes, chic loungewear, stylish apparel, aromatic candles, and a variety of accessories. Additionally, they boast a special line of licensed Disney products, designed to enchant individuals of all ages, from adults to infants, and even pets.

In the summer of 2020, Barefoot Dreams embarked on a new journey by opening their first flagship store in Malibu, CA. This store represents more than a retail space; it embodies the gratitude and support Barefoot Dreams has received from both the local community and enthusiasts worldwide. Inspired by Malibu’s natural beauty and relaxed sophistication, our flagship store is designed to be a welcoming space that reflects the casual elegance of its surroundings, inviting both locals and visitors to experience the warmth and comfort our brand is known for.

Barefoot Dreams extends a warm invitation to visit their premier flagship store in Malibu, CA. This haven of comfort is not just a place to shop—it’s a gateway to experiencing the cozy lifestyle that Barefoot Dreams is renowned for. Visitors are encouraged to discover their collection of cozy essentials, which promise to enhance the comfort and style of your home and wardrobe.

Step into Barefoot Dreams’ world of comfort and elegance in Malibu, and see for yourself why they’ve become a symbol of cozy luxury.

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