Trancas Country Mart

Located on the western side of Malibu, the Trancas Country Mart is a unique shopping plaza that offers several retail stores, cafes and gardens for visitors for explore and enjoy while stopping through. The look and feel of the Trancas Country Mart is meant to be unpretentious, laid back and welcoming to all who stop by.  Even if you stop by to fuel up your car, you can stop at the country mart’s very own Chevron Gas Station.

Whether you just spend the day surfing or hiking, the Trancas Country Mart has the perfect spots for guests to sit back, relax and refuel while enjoying the tranquil and scenic views of the mountains and the ocean. This location offers retail stores and cafes such as their popuar surf and skate shop Drill, Starbucks, Bu Nail and Beauty Lounge, Mangia, Malibu Beach House and a delicious restaurant with excellent food, Farmhouse Café.

You can also grab your groceries when at the Trancas Country Market at their popular grocery store, Vintage Grocers.  For those who have never been to the Trancas Country Mart, it’s a great way to experience Malibu without the crowds, the high-end stores and the mainstream shopping locations. Trancas Country is on the north side of Malibu away from most of the crowded areas. This is a great place to stop by if you want a quiet few hours to yourself to shop, walk around to grab lunch.

Regardless of when and why you end up stopping by, you’ll be pleased with the unique structure and open air markets for walking around. For more information about the Trancas Country Mart, be sure to visit their website at, Trancas Country Mart, or stop by the next time you make your way through Malibu!

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Photo of Malibu Plaza

Photo of Malibu Plaza





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