Lechuza Beach

The State Coastal Conservancy granted the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority funds to acquire this spectacular beach property in Malibu, near Matador State Beach. The beach includes exquisite rock formations and views northward up the coast.
Directions: From Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, take Broad Beach Road southeast. Broad Beach Road connects with Pacific Coast Highway at Trancas Canyon and again about 1.5 miles east (down-coast) of Encinal Canyon Road.
There are two public access points: (1) a stairway marked by a brown park sign saying “Lechuza Beach Access.” This vertical access way goes from Broad Beach Road down to Lechuza Beach and is located opposite a street called “Bunnie Lane.” (2) A pedestrian access gate is located at Sea Level Drive, east of Bunnie Lane. The public has the right to use Sea Level Drive to walk down to the beach. While there is an imposing gate and “private property” sign that blocks Sea Level Drive from vehicular access, that sign does not apply to the pedestrian access gate to the left.

* No dogs are allowed on the beach.
* Address: Broad Beach Road, Malibu

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