Aviator Nation: A Malibu Beacon of Retro-California Style

Aviator Nation Malibu

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Malibu, on Pacific Coast Highway, Aviator Nation stands as a vibrant homage to the colorful and laid-back essence of 1970s California. Founded by Paige Mycoskie in 2006, the brand has flourished into a beloved lifestyle label, known for its unique blend of comfort, color, and retro nostalgia. The Malibu location, just like its counterparts, radiates the brand’s signature vibe, offering a wide range of apparel that includes hoodies, tees, sweatshirts, and not to forget an entire surfboard line reflecting Malibu’s surf culture.

The Aviator Nation story is one of passion and dedication. Mycoskie, inspired by her love for 1970s fashion and the music that defined the era, embarked on a journey to create clothing that captured the worn-in, vintage feel reminiscent of that vibrant decade. Each piece showcases single needle stitching and hand-drawn graphics, embodying the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity. What started from selling garments at a local street fair has now expanded into a global brand, with the Malibu store being a testament to its success and appeal.

The store in Malibu is not just a place to shop but a destination where the community can experience the essence of a bygone era, brought to life through Mycoskie’s creative vision and the brand’s distinct Californian spirit

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