Bank of Books

While you’re sipping on your favorite latte, browse through the variety of interesting and unique books from fiction, nonfiction, history, music and so much more. This bookstore supports local artists, musicians, and other local talent. Feel free to stop by and check out the crowd, and the books, all while enjoying your favorite drink from Cafecito Organico.

Located directly outside the coffee shop and bookstore is a patio area with plenty of tables and a tranquil fountain, which makes the atmosphere perfect for sitting and reading for a few hours.

“The coffee here is amazing. I come here at least three times each week. I’ll never go to another coffee shop in Malibu if I don’t have to,” says a local Cafecito Organico coffee drinker.  For more information about Cafecito Organico, check out,  Cafecito Organico. If you’d like to learn more about Bank of Book, head over to Bank of Books.

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